Cake Sprinkles are mini pieces of confectionery used for adding textures and decorating cake, cupcake, doughnuts, cookies or ice creams. These small candies are manufactured in variety of colors and shapes, usually used as decorative topping for desserts.

We have wide range of cake sprinkles such as eye candy, mini stars, chocolate balls, alphabet and more to suit your requirement irrespective of you being a professional or amateur baker. One way to make a plain cake or cupcake look more exciting is to add cake sprinkles to the batter. These sprinkles melt as you bake, leaving behind colored spots in the final products, this is sometimes referred as a confetti dessert. As a baker the cake sprinkles can be added to any type of batter, though they appear best in a light-colored batter. Order your supplies for decorative toppings today on Bakerykart, to receive it at your door step within 5 to 7 working days.